About us

Seva Sadan is a group of inspired individuals whose mission is to impart world-class education to children. The vision of our founder, "It is not what we teach to the kids that matter. Instead, it is what the kids learnt from us", shines brilliantly on our dedicated efforts to provide an education balanced with cultural values to all our students. In our efforts, we continue to draw enthusiastic support from current and past members of the school as well as many other well wishers.

From its birth as a small nursery school in the year 1978, the School has continued to grow while always staying true to our founding ideals.


Our Mission

We aim at amalgamating the education ideals of the great Mahatma Gandhi and the challenges of modern society by inculcating in the students a sense of National Pride and modern outlook and laying stress on character, integrity and self confidence. It is our endeavour that the products of our school must be courageous citizen of the Nation, experts in their chosen fields and spreading the aura of Human Values to make INDIA a better place to live in.

We also aim at teaching the students that they should behave in a courteous and considerate manner with everybody at all time. They are also taught as to what they should do and should not do. Keeping all these aims in view, the students teachers and the parents work together. We are also giving due importance to develop student and student friendly, fear free environment to enhance students regularity in attendance and participation leading to improvement in the learning level.

Our endeavour is also concentrated in providing each student an exciting educational experience designed to create, innovate and discover life. We also believe in holistic approach towards the students education with its value based approach in teaching methodology, course contents and thus bringing in a total transformation in the personality developments of the students.

We also encourage the students to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems. We aim for an atmosphere of co-operation, with respect for individual differences and feeling of oneness.

We also impart training to educate equip and inspire students to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners, thinkers and productive contributors to the society.

The school have a good collection of various library books in various languages ie. English, Hindi and Malayalam and other News Papers, various Weekly/monthly publications and learning resources etc. All the students have been instructed to make use of these facilities regularly and properly.

Here in Kerala the people have achieved almost 100% literacy and as such no action towards this aspect is being contemplated by our school at present.

The Forest Department of Kerala is supplying about 1000 various plants for the last 3-4 years during the onset of monsoon season and these are being planted in our school campus / neighbouring area by our students/staff thus creating an environmental awareness among the students.

A local MBBS doctor who is also the Chairperson of our school is looking after the health problems of the students of our school for the last more than 30 years.