The Head

Dr. Sasikumar


"All the wealth of the world cannot help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves. Our work should be mainly educational both moral ad intellectual", Swami Vivekananda had once said.

The present generation faces a competitive world. At Seva Sadan Central School, we realize this and work hard to educate and train our children to face the complex modern world with confidence. Seva Sadan is a lot different and is the living legacy of its visionary founder

Shri. K. Kumaran. On behalf of the school's managing committee, I want to assure everyone that we will constantly and tirelessly strive to meet the golden standards set by our founder- "It is not what we teach to the kids that matter. Instead, it is what the kids learn from us".

We understand the importance of the task at hand. Therefore we make no compromises. We seek the blessings of almighty in our endeavor to create an inspiring, attractive and comfortable school that will be at the forefront of regional development. I convey my best wishes to past and current members of our school and invite future members to participate in our efforts and share our dreams.
Dr. Sasikumar M. MA, MPhil, BEd. Ph.D, Phone 0091 9496148595


Sri. Sadanam Harikumar


Welcome you to our web page on behalf of our Managing Committee.

Seva Sadan is a group of inspired individuals whose mission is to impart world-class education to children. The vision of our founder, "It is not what we teach to the kids that matter. Instead, it is what the kids learn from us", shines brilliantly on our dedicated efforts to provide an education balanced with cultural values to all our students. In our efforts, we continue to draw enthusiastic support from current and past members of the school as well as many other well wishers. From its birth as a small nursery school in the year 1978, the School has continued to grow while always staying true to our founding ideals.

There are several features that distinguish Seva Sadan from other schools. At our sprawling, inspiring and attractive campus, we are constantly modernizing our infrastructure, to keep it in tune with the times. Since personality development is intimately linked to competitive advantage, we emphasize our core values of knowledge, honesty, integrity, discipline and leadership while imparting education to our students. By making use of the additional resources of our sister institutions that are in close proximity to our own campus, we try to develop our students into balanced individuals who can actively engage and lead in our community.

We owe our success to our committed management team, teaching and support staff as well as parents and well wishers of the school. We select and retain the best teaching talent. Thus, our experience in the last two decades puts us in a unique position to impart knowledge and instill confidence in brilliant students who enroll in our school.

As Bertrand Russell put it, "Never forget your humanity". Thus, we spare no efforts in striving to procure as well as provide the resources for the education of meritorious students who come from financially weak backgrounds. It is my personal mission to bridge the real and ideal worlds of good education for all.

I believe that no effort is small when the causes are big. Therefore we welcome everyone to participate in our efforts to make Seva Sadan an energetic and ever growing family.

Dr. Sadanam K. Harikumar - The Secretary. Phone 0091 9447940455


Dr. M. Sasikumar  - The Principal

Sri. Sasikumar has 22 years teaching experience in renowned schools across India and abroad. He served as PGT at Kendriya Vidyalaya Goa & Payyannur, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mayannur etc. He also served in MES Indian School, Doha, Qatar. His last assignment was as Asst. Prof. at Nehru Arts and Science College, Coimbatore.


Dr. Sadanam K. Harikumar  - The Secretary

Sri. Sadanam K. Harikumar has worked as a teacher in Gandhi Seva Sadan Teacher Training Insitute, Perur, Pathiripala and a recipient of the National Award for the Best Tteacher by the President of India. He is a veteran Kathakali artist and has also awarded the Doctorate in the Arts of kathakali.