The School Faculty
The teaching faculty at SSCS are qualified, experienced and talented educators with high levels of motivation and personal standards of excellence.

  • Our teachers use innovative teaching methods to train a diverse student population.
  • Our faculty are selected through a rigorous procedure that includes teaching evaluation and feedback from students, in addition to academic qualifications.
  • Our teachers are evaluated for communication skills and ability to work as a team. Thus our teachers work together for imparting the best education to your child.
  • Our teachers provide a cordial and inspiring learning environment for your child.


School Curriculum
Our curriculum would make the children acquire and develop the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary for self-fulfillment and become valuable citizens.

  • Emphasis on activity-based learning for the Pre-Primary (up to kindergarten), Lower Primary (class I-V), and Upper Primary (class VI-VIII).
  • Secondary and the Senior Secondary classes follow prepared materials available from CBSE and the NCERT
  • Activities in the guidelines are tuned to the age group of the students.

Electives/Options for Classes XI and XII
The school offers the following electives/ options for Classes XI & XII
1. Science with Mathematics
2. Science with Computer Science
3. Science with Informatics Practices
4. Commerce with Informatics Practices