Our School celebrated Keralapiravi (November 1) imbibing the true spirit of God's own country and the language Malayalam. The entire morning assembly was in Malayalam. Keerthana Baiju of Class X recited a soulful poem and Anupama P of Class XII gave a beautiful speech in our mother tongue. Principal Dr. M. Sasikumar through his concluding speech Paid respect to the great tradition and culture of our State.

'Keraleeyam' Quiz for classes 7 to 12 was conducted and there was a pictorial Exhibition of the important places and events of Kerala History.

Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in our School in a grand fashion.
The School organized special assembly to commemorate Gandhiji..
There were speeches in all the three languages- Malayalam, Hindi, English- remembering the contributions of the great Mahathma.
Dr Sadanam Harikumar ,Academic Director, Seva Sadan Central School also addressed the students in the assembly.
There was a Quiz programme for the students.
Students of Class IX with the help of Social Science department teachers arranged an Exhibition - 'Gandhi Smrithi'.
After that the students took part in Campus cleaning also.

We are Proud to announce that our School bagged Second Prize for Band Display in Palakkad District Sahodaya School Complex Music Fest Competitions 2019 held on 27 September at St. Raphels School, Palakkad.


Anupama P of Class XII Science won the First Prize for Malayalam Essay Writing and Malavika S Madhavan of Class XII Science bagged Second Prize for Hindi Recitation in Palakkad District Sahodaya School Complex Literary Fest 2019 on 28th September 2019.
We are proud of their achievements and wishing them all success in their future endeavours.


Chandana K of Class XII Science won the First Prize for Malayalam Story Writing - category -4
Sharmmada A of Class XII Science bagged Third Prize for Sanskrit Recitation- category-4
Sreemayi K B of Class X secured Third Prize in Hindi Recitation - category-3
Pranith R of Class X secured Third Prize in Guitar (Western)- category-3
Pranav M Nair of Class X secured Third Prize in Hindi Extempore Speech - category-3


National Doctors' day was celebrated on July 1, 2019 in our School to acknowledge the contributions and tireless service of the doctors to the society. Various programmes were organized in the school assembly. A chart was displayed depicting the theme.
Roshni R of Class IX delivered a thought provoking speech paying tribute to the dedication and devotion of the doctors.

The first chapter in class lll English course book is 'Magic Garden' and of course the best place to teach children the concept of a garden is our school garden with all its beautiful and striking features.An old bell hanging on a rusted rail , a huge champaka tree, fallen Frangipanis, Violet water lilies, and a few green vegetables!
Cynthia teacher took the children outdoors and made them experience the garden and allowed them to get dirty in the soil for a constructive reason! She is of the opinion that teaching and learning is not confined to the classrooms .
She said it was raining and children couldn't spend much time in the garden. Rain is also an experience, dear teacher !
Much appreciation for the effort taken..The teaching aids you made for this purpose were awesome.
All the best for all your ventures. Keep the passion alive.

Reading day was celebrated in our school on 19th, June 2019, commemorating Sri P N Panicker, the pioneer of the Great Library Movement. Students set a class library and conducted a few noteworthy programmes to promote reading habit📕📘.They recited poems, did book reviews and delivered speeches in different languages. A literary quiz was organized for classes VI to IX.
Children participated with enthusiasm and took a vow that they will read atleast a paragraph a day ! Long live books ! Long live reading habit !📙📚📚.
On this occasion, Principal Dr. Sasikumar M inaugurated the Literary Club by handing over a book to Anshika Mohan of Class III.


Yoga day was observed and celebrated with all its sanctity in Seva Sadan Central School on 21st June, 2019. A special assembly was organized with a few relevant programmes.  Principal Dr. Sasikumar M. spoke about the importance of the day and the Yoga instructor Ms. Mallika shared her thoughts on Yoga followed by an elaborate demonstration. A speech was delivered on 'The Relevance of Yoga in day to day life' by our student Malavika S. of 8th standard . The whole programme brought out the idea that Yoga is a way of life which we all can adopt for good.
The School Health Club inauguration was also done on the same day.
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Our School secured 100% Result in AISSE Class X Examination 2018 - 2019.

37students secured Distinction and 14 students secured First class.

School Toppers:      Adhithya K and Smrithi K S secured 95% mark.


Subject Toppers :
S Ajay : Mathematics - 96
Arya Babu : Malayalam - 98 , Science - 95
Athul Krishnan P : Malayalam - 98 , Social Science - 96
Jayakrishnan M R : Social Science - 96
Jyothsana K N : Hindi - 94
Anagha Manoj K M : English - 96
Adhithya K : Malayalam - 98
Surumi Shahul : Malayalam - 98
R Farziya Zeenath : Hindi - 94


The following students secured First class:
Adithya Prakash, Aswin P S, Raj Chauhan, Akshaya R, Mrudula M, Nandana K, Neha Suresh, Pooja, S Anjana, Arathi Vijay K V, Athulya K S, Devika U, S Sreelakshmi, V S Swetha.

The following students secured Distinction:
Adhithya K, Smrithi K S, Jayakrishnan M R, Arya Babu, Surumi Shahul, C Sarath Mohan, S Ajay, Jithin J, Gokul K Kumar, Goureesh R Nambiar, Akshara C P, Anagha Manoj K M, Anagha P, C V Shaarnika, R Farziya Zeenath, Gouri S Valsan, Jinisha, Jyothsana K N, Kavya V K, Keerthana P K, G Lakshmi Priya, Neha Suresh, Nikhitha Nandan, Shruti K, Soumya S, Abiram, Aswin, Athul Krishnan P, K S Bijesh, Jeen Thomas, P S Nandu, Sreeraj N, Vaishnav C, Anshifa V A, Aswathi P B, Aswathi Venugopal, Fathima Insha

AISSCE Class XII Examination 2018- 19
Our School Toppers:
Science Stream: Aiswarya T S, Ajay J
Commerce Stream : A Fathima


Subject Toppers :
English : Aiswarya T S
Mathematics: Ajay J
Physics: Aiswarya T S
Chemistry : Ajay J , Aiswarya T S
Biology: Aiswarya T S
Computer Science: Nidhin C
Informatics Practices : Aswathy S
Accountancy: A Fathima, Nithin K Dilip
Business Studies: P Anoop
Economics: Adithya Krishna

Our School has secured 12 Distinctions in AISSCE Class XII Examination 2018 - 19.
Our School has secured 13 First Class in AISSCE Class XII Examination 2018 - 19